No more peoples…?

Those of us that choose to pay attention to what scientists and researchers tell us about climate change are aware that we're doing significant damage to sweet mother earth. Recently, Stephan Hawking, who I regard as the smartest man on the planet, gave humans 1000 years before we had to find a new home. Scary. James Hansen, a scientist who has lead the charge on climate change since the 70's and 80's, is considered by others of similar stature to be the leading authority on our little rock's - READ IT!
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The Invisible Bike Helmet

Sometimes I find myself in a creative rut. Whether it's with my camera, photoshop, show development, writing, or everyday life, sometimes I just can't find an idea in my brain, which excites me I haven't explored before. Rarely do I look at what other people are doing in my immediate fields for inspiration. Instead, I look at what the rest of the world are doing and how people make others go, "whoa". The following video did exactly that when I saw it. I give you; the invisible bike helmet: - READ IT!
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Pink Sings ‘TRY’ – American Music Awards 2012

Pink gave one of the most impressive performances of all time at the 2012 American Music Awards. Pretty incredible body control to be able to dance like that, but then sing on top of it and blow the doors off the place? Holy buckets.

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Some serious out of the box creativity with stop motion and music. Big ups to the team that put this together.

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It is no secret that I am a fan of the world. Whether trying to catch a wave in the ocean, take my dog for a walk or make a flight across the country, there's always something remarkable happening. But, nothing keeps me more present than remembering that we are all connected. When you look around and see empty space, remind yourself, there is no empty space. Everything is made up of something and so we are constantly interacting with our environment and the things in it. We are never alone, the - READ IT!
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baby blue 9’2” my surfboard and my Fuji X100 range finder are equally loveable

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And the winner is…

I’ve always been a fan of the Super Bowl ads. Last year I loved the Volkswagen Darth Vader kid, but this year I wasn’t impressed. Until I went online and found the Canadian Budweiser commercial. Tip of the hat Bud folks. What do you think?

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I returned from Vegas yesterday after a 21 day adventure where we put on what is arguably the best Miss USA show there has ever been. I'm proud of my team, the contestants and everyone involved. We introduced fan voting for the first time in the 60 year history of the company and made television history with live, real-time interaction voting between the viewer and the live show, it was incredible. Tomorrow I begin a short vacation before a stint in the Bahamas, Brazil, LA and then back to Sao - READ IT!
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Happy Ending

Great little random story beginning with the blizzard in NYC. 2 short films later and a wacky adventure concludes with…well, watch and find out.

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